I whipped up a video of the engineering magic behind A Moveable Feast. Enjoy!
With all of the different elements of the Kinetic Sculpture in place it was time to do some laps around
We had only had 14 days until the Doo Dah Parade, and we had a long way to go, so
We've been working two or three days a week on this thing.  This means we've been making a lot of
We cut out a large steel frame for the table top.  This will be a weight bearing aspect of the
Syyn Labs was featured on CNN's Next List. It's a huge honor! You can see a short blog post here:
I'm definitely a little humbled by the attention.  But it was fun to come up with the answers for the
Now that we had the basic frame in place, it was time to figure out how our drivetrain was going
After hacking up the bicycle frames to distill them into just the parts that we're going to use, it was
We had a vague idea of how things are supposed to go together.  But, eventually, we'll have to actually do