For the past few years we've been dealing with buttons.  Moving, storing, sorting, picking through, and generally managing a large
It seems that my blog has been linked to by one of my favorite sites on the internet: I'm
I pulled out an old transformer that I had been saving for probably 10 years. I don't even remember where
I realize that I never discussed an amazing aspect of A Moveable Feast: the flaming chandelier. While we were putting
We decided to take the Feast out for a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.  We had no real plans besides cooking up
Update! A Moveable Feast goes to CicLAvia, April 21, 2013. On Sunday, October 7th, we put the tablecloth on A Moveable
I recently took some video of a project that I've slowly been working on for the past few months.  It's
I'm slowly adding my project portfolio to the Cargo Collective portfolio site.  I'm hoping to document most of my more
Recently, while cruising through Youtube, I came across some of the amazing Kinetic Sculptures by Bob Potts.  Check them out
The concept of a solar water heater is simple: use the sun to heat up the water. Black tubing is very