We finished crimping in the spokes for our wheels.  Over 196 spokes to make and then mount into the 4
We made some great progress today on the kinetic sculpture.  I'm going to let the pictures tell the story. We've
Back when I was researching all of the perks of owning my own electric vehicle, I came across a decal
I just launched our KickStarter campaign for A Moveable Feast. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/480257067/a-moveable-feast   Check it out and help out if you
Every time I fly my biggest complaints are with security.  It's slow, awkward, potentially dangerous, and as I'll argue in
I've always disagreed with the money-grubbing policies of the big banks, but they were just too convenient.  I use a
For the past 4 years, I've been jealous of the kinetic sculptures at Burning Man.  Duane Flatmo's beautiful creations were
I realize that after a long time of not blogging that I simply forgot to blog about finishing my Rubens
Now that I've realized it's physically possible for me to actually install solar panels at my house, I now need
I've always been a big fan of solar electricity.  Put some panels on your roof and free electricity pours down