After a long hiatus, I decided to get back into hang gliding.  I paid for all of the lessons and
Previously I had skipped over the second step in my  "How to Make a Rubens Tube" series.  I needed to
After a prolonged bout with the DMV in Sacramento, I finally got my vehicle registered with the original black plates. 
Hopefully I'm starting a new habit.  I got up and exercised for the third time this week.  And the week
For the past few months I've been driving the EV Spitfire stuck in 3rd gear.  "What?!"  I can hear you
Years ago I bought a 6"OD, 20ft steel tube, with the intention of making Rubens tubes out of it.  I
Now that Southern California has had it's last rainstorm until October, it is time to remove the hardtop and feel
Every month or so, it's time to water my lead acid batteries.  It's not particularly difficult to do this maintenance. 
Finally, the internet can now find out about projects that I'm working on and thoughts I'm having.  Readers can expect