The ugliest part of my Spitfire has been the wheels.  I had intended on cleaning them up and re-painting them,
I've been making a lot of progress lately, but it's been a lot of little things that are difficult to
My motor has an output shaft of 1 1/8" with a 1/4" keyway. How do I mate that to the
Read Parts 1 and 2, first. Step 4.  Drill and tap holes in the flanges for mounting the speaker and
On April 23rd, ran a special on the anniversary of the discovery of DNA.  $99 for their complete ancestry
Progress has been slow lately on the direct drive conversion for my EV.  I've been a bit busy with life
One of my friends, Gretchen Keller, is half of a new blog. She's focusing the blog on science and its
Last week I finally got to head back up to Kagel to do some hang gliding.  It had been a
When I took apart the transmission and motor, I found the source of the annoying squeak at low speeds: my
I had some time to spend on the EV, so I decided to get cracking.  I have some ideas of