Rear Plate

Are you checking out my rear?

After a prolonged bout with the DMV in Sacramento, I finally got my vehicle registered with the original black plates.  It’s a long story involving repeat inspections, a letter to a dead guy, and unanswered phone calls.  But all of that is behind us.  A year after starting the process Sparkfire is registered!  I was able to peel off the temporary tags and install my shiny black and gold plates.  I went out and bought a set of license plate holders for the car as well.  Vanity might be a bigger vice of mine than previously thought.

Front Plate

Just in case you can't see the batteries.

I made a front license plate bracket while working the midnight-8am shift last week.  I took some stainless steel sheet cuttings and drilled a few holes.  I even used some foam while mounting them so they don’t damage the re-chromed front bumper.

I need to get some work done on the car before she’s ready for the road again, but when she is, she’ll be driving in style.  And even legal.