Hopefully I’m starting a new habit.  I got up and exercised for the third time this week.  And the week ain’t half way done yet.  I realized that I wasn’t getting the same amount of exercise as I was a year ago.  I used to bike 3 miles to work roughly 4 times a week.  But when Superprotonic went under, I stopped pulling out the bicycle as often.  Now my new work at AeroVironment is a little over 8 miles away.  I suppose that’s still bike-able, but it’s a bit more of a commitment.  My other option is to make the time to get some exercise on my own.  I decided to start running a few weeks ago, but finally I gathered the discipline to start.  I have a lot of leftover beers from the RGM to work off.

I started with a little over a mile jog around the neighborhood.  San Marino has some great places to run, so in that regard I’m quite lucky.  Beautiful homes and gardens and very little traffic.  This morning I ran an easy 1.5miles.  I would like to work up to a 3 mile jog in the next few weeks.

One of the reasons I’ve decided to get into better shape is from our possible impending reality TV show.  I’m not a vain man by nature (and anyone who’s seen what I wear can attest to that) but I know what will keep people watching.  The content is one thing, but being attractive sure as hell doesn’t hurt.  Every week there is some positive news regarding our potential show.  It’s starting to scare me just a bit.