Gearmo Del Pouro is a robot bartender, currently at Two Bit Circus, pouring drinks every night. It was designed, fabricated, and built by Daniel Busby with programming by Aaron Thomen. Many others at Two Bit Circus supported with other elements.

The Control Box allows for all of the varied controls that the operator needs to perform.
Just a couple of the custom Gears

Here are some of the controls for the Robot. The boards in the upper middle of the box are the Mesa boards which serve as the inputs and outputs to the 8 axes and their homing switches, as well as the 10 outputs that control the pneumatics, AC motor, and magnetic clutches. On the right are the drivers for the 8 stepper motors that bring the robot to life. They are all being controlled by g-code and some custom m-codes running on a LinuxCNC computer.