It seems that my blog has been linked to by one of my favorite sites on the internet: I’m just tickled pink. When I first emailed Bob I was just selfishly looking for some inspiration and tips. Since then we’ve been emailing back and forth every few months. I’ve even helped connect him with some of his cousins!

What has Bob been up to lately?  Well, he’s got a show going on right now in Jakarta, Indonesia (or is it in Dubai?).  Bob tells me that there was a scary moment when they plugged his 110V motor into a 220V socket!  Luckily the docent was fast and unplugged it before the motor fried itself.  Be careful with the standard voltage sources if you’re showing electrical art pieces worldwide!

Bob has also told me about a documentary that features the Old Timey folk band he was in, Highwoods String Band.  There are a few snippets of interviews with Bob in this, but it’s all about his fiddle playing, not about his other amazing talents.