A Moveable Feast is crowned by an amazing propane fueled fire chandelier, built by a copper artist name Ken Griswa. I had the idea for it, and ordered all of the parts and even prototyped the flame nozzles. However, I started to run out of time before Burning Man and the rest of the elements of getting the Feast working on playa. However, Ken showed up and slapped together the thing in less than a day. I was so thrilled with how it turned out.
Years later I got a commission to build a pair or chandeliers and ship them to Canada for an outdoor pavilion being built. I re-ordered all of the pieces necessary and started to get to work…

I like to get all of the pieces cut out and ready before assembly.
Copper is soft and easy to bend into shape.
Balancing the flame sizes is important. The pressure is slightly different in each ball, so drill sizes are how to “tune” the flame size.
Adding balls of Stainless Steel wool keeps the flames lit, even in super windy conditions at Burning Man.
The fire chandeliers are a gorgeous addition to the outdoor structure.