Lots of progress made, lots more needs to happen!

After 4 long months, I finally got the EV back on the road.  I apologize for not keeping this blog well updated.  In the meantime I’ve done so many small tasks, that it was hard to blog about them.

Here’s a short list of the things I completed:

  • Fixed the driveshaft
  • Connected the transmission housing to the motor
  • Mounted motor
  • Mounted reversing contactor
  • Destroyed reversing contactor’s diode
  • Hooked up reversing contactor between motor/controller
  • Rebuilt steering column
  • Replaced steering wheel with later model wheel
  • Fixed wiring for blinkers
  • Re-mounted batteries
  • Test-drove new direct drive set up
  • 2 miles into test drive, noticed speedo failed

Finally leaving the stuffy garage.

There are tons of things to do cosmetically: little small things that I will hopefully get around to fixing.  At the moment, I am content with how she’s driving, and I’ll likely work on some other projects until Burning Man is over.